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Thread: swapDepths makes sticky movie clips

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    swapDepths makes sticky movie clips

    Heya, I am using swapDepths on movie clips to control the layering in my movie.

    However, for any movie clip that I have manually set the depth (eg. someclip.swapDepths(900), that movie clip seems to persist from that point on, even on frames where it isn't on the timeline.

    What is going on here? Is this a bug or is there a correct solution for it?

    For example, I have some boat movie clips in Scene 1. I apply swapDepths to them to give them a depth manually.

    Then I go to another scene where there are no instances of the boat movie clips, BUT they are still on the screen (when I run the file)!!





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    when u use swaptdepth the movie becomes independed
    u can use _level900.stop() to stop the movie or unload to make him dissapear or tell him to go to a blank frame
    mey the swartz be with you


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