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Thread: somebody MUST no the answer

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    Hi all u flashers - I really need your help!!!

    descriptio: i have a movie clip (opening a window) - in this mc there are buttons! when i put the mc in a scene, the buttons in the mc don't work!!! i want the buttons to lead to other scenes, but they only restart the mc or, when i use "tell target: _root" they just restart the whole flash movie - there MUST BE AN ANSWER!!! ;-)

    so show me what u are able to do!!! sorry, but this is the fourth time i post this question and i'm in a hurry!

    cu soon zero

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    You have a targeting problem. When using scenes
    you have to only use lables for goto action. To make
    your button work if it is in a mc, use the following
    script. The label name for scene 2 frame 1 will be "s2f1"

    On (Release)
    Begin Tell Target ("/")
    Go to and Play ("s2f1")
    End Tell Target
    End On

    Hope this helps.

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    i've known that it must be a simple thing ;-) but as always these are the hard ones ;-)

    it was the tell target action - i tried tell target _root but your / has worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    without tell target it doesn't work! cause it needs to find a way to the main!

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW u can't realize, how u helped me ;-)

    thanx again zero (who now is proud to advance to intermediate) LOL

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