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Thread: Rewind button

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    Hey all,

    I was wondering, do any of you know if there is a way to make a button in Flash 4 that will show the frames going backward at double or triple the rate of the movie like a VCR's scan-rewind button. I need to be able to do this without having to copy every third frame of the movie, reversing them, then simply having it play through them. The rewind button also needs to be able to start playing as soon as the button is released.

    Ralph M.

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    Put something like the following in a new layer
    (First frame where beceoms active)
    Label it Reverse
    If (Rev =1) THEN
    Go To and Play the currentframe -3 (or 4, play around for speed)
    end if

    in the next frame put

    highlight this frame and do a copyframe. Then highlight all the frames to the end (or to the end of the reversible part) and do pasteframe. (This should paste a copy of the frame with the call in each one of those frames.)

    Dont forget to set Rev = 0 in Frame 1
    And in your button whicih triggers the revers just have it set the variable Rev to 1.

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    Chameleon gave an idea that will work but a cleaner
    way would be to add a mc that would do the reversing.
    It could be modified to reverse any mc in the movie.

    Example of reverse mc
    First frame:

    Second frame:
    Begin Tell Target ("/")
    Go to and Stop (_currentframe - 3)
    End Tell Target

    Third frame:
    Go to and Play (_currentframe - 1)

    Example for button to control reverse mc
    On (Press)
    Begin Tell Target ("/reverse")
    End Tell Target
    End On
    On (Release)
    Begin Tell Target ("/reverse")
    Go to and Stop (1)
    End Tell Target
    End On

    This example has level0 being reversed during
    press of the key and playing when released.

    Hope this helps.

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