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    Hi, ummm, this may sound kinda dumb but, i heard there is a way to incorporate databases into flash 5, meaning u can use flash 5 to look up subjects on a database, well i was wondering if there was a way to use flash to make a search engine, if you have any idea how that would work please responde...... i also found out XML can be used, i dont know anything about XML i just have a clue that u could use this to make a multiplayer game in flash, seeing that this may be a complicated thing to explain, please just send a url or any other ways (pdf's, txt's, etc.) it will be appreciated...... By the way, homepage aint working so please dont yell at me, i mean i have no host yet..... thanx

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    get one thing clear flash 5 cannot store databases within its self !

    but what it can do , like HTML pages send querries out to any server side languages like cgi, PHP, servlets etc and get information back from them !

    so with this power you CAN make a search engine or what every you want !!! knowing and accepting the limitations of flash 5


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    thanx for the information

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