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Thread: multiple preloaders i one movie

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    My movie is about 488k. sort of long. its will be an entire web site...

    i layed it out in 5 scenes.

    What i already did is made the first preloader to load up to scene 2-which is the main menu.

    I tried doing this but it did not work:

    When I went to hit a button on that scene i wanted it to go to another preloader to load scene 3. It did not do that..it just went to scene 3. I did put "if frame loaded scene 3, frame 110..etc..." it by passed that. It is not because the frame was already loaded, because when it went to scene 3--it was still loading stuff.

    So what do i need to do..i thought that would be simple.

    Any help would be appreciated..thanks

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    instead of checking "if frames loaded("scene3") ;"
    try first getin the _total no of frames and the check against it the no of frames you want to preload ....

    get it


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