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Thread: i have a problem

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    I was wondering if anyone could help out on this problem I'm having.

    First the setup:
    I have an animation that plays through until the viewer is presented with 2 choices(in the form of buttons).When either button is clicked a movie clip will play,1 different movie clip for each button.
    After viewing the 2 different movie clips the viewer is to be taken to and end movie clip("the summary").

    My problem is how do I make sure the viewer has watched both clips before sending them to the summary?
    Is it possible to use the "if" action on each movie clip......?
    Is there some sort of function that i can put on each clip that would state something like "if movie 1 and movie 2 has played,go to frame#x telltarget "summary" play?"

    I hope i've explained this clearly,and also hope someone can provide an answer.
    I understand the basic actions,but this programming stuff goes right over my head,I am but a lowly artist

    Any help is appreciated


    PS:Everything works fine except for this one problem

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    its easy just follow these steps ...

    1) in the first keyframe (or any other frame before the buttons pop up ) script

    clicked1 = 0 ;
    clicked2 = 0 ;

    2) Now on the buttons (both) script
    (for button 1)
    _root.clicked1 = (_root.clicked1) +1 ;

    (for button 2)
    _root.clicked2 = (_root.clicked2) +1 ;

    3) at the last keyframes of both the movie clips that u want to play ...

    if(_root.clicked>=1 AND _root.clicked>=1)
    goto("45") ;
    //or the frame number of the frames that has the summary


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    Thanks for the reply.
    I'll give it a shot,but right now the ball game has just ended and I'm going to bed

    Thanks again,

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