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Thread: really got me stumped ????

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    hello all,
    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me
    what i am doing wrong?.
    I can draw nice pictures but this action scripting
    is harder than it looks :-(
    if someone could be so nice as too have a look at what
    i have made and maybe give me a hint as to what i am
    doing wrong?
    the fla is avaible if you would like to take a look.
    any help would be highly appreciated?.
    thanks to all that have a read :-)

    the addy to have a look and download is


    thanks again all :-)

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    The first thing I noticed wrong is, button one(1) and five(5)
    start out setting variable "THREE" to 3 then check to see
    if it is greater than 3. In this case it could never be greater
    because it will = 3

    The second thing is button five(5) has the if statement
    checking if "THREE" > 4

    The third thing is button two(2), three(3), four(4), and five(5)
    don't have a statement adding or subtracting from
    variable "THREE" and button one(1) isn't adding or subtracting,
    it is just setting to either +1 or -1 Code should look like following

    Set Variable: "THREE" = THREE + 1
    Set Variable: "THREE" = THREE - 1

    The forth thing is frame1, actions layer has the variable "THREE"
    set to 3 at the start of th movie. It should set it to 0 if anything.

    The fifth thing is the buttons are checking if greater that 3 before setting
    the variable. Which means it will be at 4 before the error msg shows up.
    Change sequence to set then check. Also you will need to add some
    script to turn the error msg off when the user deselects a button.

    That's about all I could find!!!
    Hope it helps.

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    thanks heaps and heaps :-)

    thankyou Magister Arenei
    i tried all the things you mentioned, and i think i am a step closer but it still not working :-( but i guess i
    will keep on trying to sus it out, just unsure of which order i am to do things, but thankyou so much for your help/assistance, I think you stepped me in the right direction )))
    thanks again and have a great day

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