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Thread: Protecting my swf

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    Protecting my swf

    there are many SWF decompilers that can show the actionscript of SWF file. how can i protect my files?
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    you do not want to share?

    Maybe try and make your files harder to download. check with PHP..
    and i suggest you make a search on that subject in the backend forum. this forum (AS) is not really appropriate.


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    your best chance is not to put it on the web at all
    Even if you do things to "make it harder", it will eventually be displayed when some browser requests it for download ... and of course someone interested in your movie can just simulate a browser to get it.
    It is possible to create some scripts that make as decompilers fail (last time I saw something like that, it took the other side about ten days to release a new version of the decompiler)
    It is more likely (but takes more effort as well) that hand-assembled flash code will fail to decompile.
    Now, what exactly is it that you wish to protect - passwords (they do not belong into the swf to start with, but should be maintained by the server)
    - some algorithms from the realm of math and physics that you discovered and that have not yet been published elsewhere (grrrr - publish under GPL terms instead)
    - a secure method to pass data to the server, so that visitors cannot send false data easily (I am using a server solution where every single movie is published with unique actionscripts, so decompiling's worth is somewhat limited)


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