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Thread: I'm wondering.....

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    I'm wondering.....


    I was just wondering what everybody thinks on learning Actionscript. Do you only have to learn certain things and then look up what you need, when you need it? If that's the case that you only need learn certain things then can somebody tell me a list of things that I should learn to get to grips with it?

    Thanks a lot

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    ActionScript is one of the smallest languages I have ever had to learn. It's also one of the easiest.

    If your having trouble with it, I suggest buying a good book on Flash (I have the Flash Bible and it's not too bad), a spend some time reading it and doing the examples.

    You should then at least have a foundation to build on. Taking short-cuts isn't going to help you. You need to spend some time getting used to Flash.


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    for a good start .. http://www.edmack.com .

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