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Thread: Quick site check?

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    Quick site check?


    Just wondering if anyone would mind having a quick look at this site www.adculture.net/bellecheminee

    Any comments on layout, colour and navigation. Is it easy enough to get around. Still needs content obviously.

    Many thanks,

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    I would keep the navagation consistent threw out the whole page instead of having it reset everytime you click on one of the buttons

    other then that nice site

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    color and layout work alright together, but maybe instead of opening up a new html page each time try loading each section as a separate .swf into your parent movie, that way the user won't have to watch each section reset itself.

    Then you have one main html page which contains your .swf and all the separate movies loads into that one.

    hope that helps

    hey, don't laugh. Your daughter may be in here!!!

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