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Thread: Landing a BIG Job

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    Landing a BIG Job

    Check out this discussion at twelvstone. There are some real pearls of wisdom in there and a showing of how it really works when you really start ramping up your design operation. I found it to be insightful, hope you will too.

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    Good post! Foudn this quite smart!

    1. Analysis - Anylyse the clients requirements
    2. Scoping - Hope many people, how many hours, how much profit
    3. Design - How will it all fit together
    4. Development - Make it
    5. Testing - Break it
    6. Bug Fixing - Fix it
    7. Testing (rinse and repeat 5 & 6)
    8. Deployment - give it 'em
    9. Support - Yes it will go wrong almost weekly
    10. Back to Step 1 for Release 2+

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