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Thread: Frame rate fast in projector, slow in browser?

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    Frame rate fast in projector, slow in browser?

    Please help!

    When I play my SWF locally (i.e., hard drive) through the Flash Player, frame rates are correct.

    When I play my SWF locally in a blank HTML page through IE6.0, frame rates drop by about 20%!

    The problem is that my narrated voiceover doesn't sync with the animated graphics when viewed in the browser.

    Does anyone know a solution?

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    I don't know if it's only a IE6 issue (I'm still on 5.5 and think I'll stick with it for a while yet!), but depending on content and connection, your .swf could be slower on the web then when played locally.
    It may be a little late for this, but regarding your sync problem, you should of read this before starting your project:


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    My SWF isn't even on the internet. It's sitting on my hard drive.

    Frame rates are fast through the Projector, and 20% slower in the browser.

    I even removed all the voice narration, so that the SWF is nothing but animation, and frame rates are still slower in the browser!

    I've read that Macromedia doc about streaming before, but that's not the issue here --- especially since I removed sound.

    Can anyone provide an explanation?

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    yes, frame rate is slower on ie6.
    any solution? i dont know.

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    Thanks for your reply. It's been driving me nuts, and I'm becoming less-and-less impressed with Flash MX. It seems the more I use it (especially in advanced ways), the more serious flaws come out. It seemed that, although Flash 5 had fewer features, it was more robust.

    Just my thoughts. Thanks!

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