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Thread: Load / Unload Movie with targets

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    Hi folks

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    I would like to control two swf's from a web page. Call them control.swf and map.swf. Control.swf will have 6 buttons. The map.swf will have 6 movie clips within it.

    It is possible to target the individual movie clips within map.swf from the control.swf ? If so, how do I do it ?

    At the moment the web page with the embedded swf's has no frameset and the Swf's are sitting in a table. I need to keep it this way is possible.

    Will this affect issues the load / unload command ?

    Please help, I'm struggling on my own.

    Thanks, Cris.
    Edinburgh, Scotland.

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    well first thing first it will not affect ur load/unload it you use embed .swf in a table without a frameset !!!

    secondly i guess control.swf will be your main .swf file right .
    in this file make an empty MC, give it a name like "map" and place it in the center of where you want to load the new .swf file ...

    Now issue an action script command
    loadMovie() ; and use load in to target and specify the name of the blank MC we created i.e map .

    now in the controls buttons script to play the movies like
    on(press) {
    play() ;

    etc ....

    this should help you get the effect you desire .../


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