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Thread: MX Actionscript...

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    MX Actionscript...

    It has been mentioned that the new way to write AS in MX is to have all your AS in the first frame of the _root timeline, does this mean 'ALL' AS should be here even AS that controls individual movie clips or should that AS be @ frame 1 of that timeline?

    Thanx in advance...

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    Who said that ?

    It is convenient to break codes apart into units. That should be "new way". What you mentioned should be the "old way";

    However, we should have a concepts similar to OOP. The "unit" should be independent as possible.

    The troublesome script habbit is something like this:

    _root.mc1.subMc2.button set a variable in _root.mc2; and mc2 set a variable in mc3.subMc6; This is "cross-linked" codes. If this condition can not be structured into logical unit, then it is better written in _root.frame1.

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