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Thread: Need a job

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    Need a job


    Ok, I am a girl and this is my online portfolio: MangoFusion

    You can see what I can do when you visit my website. The thing is that I would like to know from you experts were to start looking for a job. I need to hired as a webdesigner, but dont know how to start.

    I know all the basic ect. In this area, but where to find a client or someone who would be interested in me to take me under their wings?

    I will thank you in advanced and wait for your answers, maybe somebody gets interested in me here?



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    Well 70 is kind of old to be developer

    From my own experience I tell you that in order for you to have your own business there is only on way :> TEAM UP WITH OTHERS

    Sure there are developers that created 100's sites on there own but soon or later they too have to team up.

    Now what is team up:

    1) Find people that have skills and extra time to help you
    2) This people should not charge you on a per/hour rate
    3) Usually this people have a 9-5 job already
    4) They should't ask for money until the Client pay you and the cost and Profit will be shared.
    5) You and them should understand that there is no competition between the team members. One person must be in charge.
    6) Dont give up if you go to 20 businesses and they turn you down.
    7) Dont listen to such thing as "my buddy created a site and he got 1 million $, good for him I hope the next projects he gets 2 million $.
    8) start small to get your name out
    e.g you can create sites for $3000 and get 20 clients = $60000
    Or you can go and create sites for $35000 and wait to see if someone else will pay that kind of price.

    9) Make a "one source one solution" environment for you client. trust me it will work.
    Don't tell the customer that "Im just flash developer and they are companies that do hosting and ColdFusion development.." was things of the past.Instead, tell your customer we will do everything for you(Design, Development, Software, Hosting, Print Advertisings, Radio/Television Commercials, Even a trip to the International Space Station)
    From their point of view this makes logic because they don't have to deal with 100 companies & from your part you make contract with other companies to do all this other stuff and the customer makes a contract with you. e.g: Client pay you $60 hosting you pay the hosting company $40
    Client pays you $2000 for advertising you pay the Advertising company $1500 and etc....

    10)If you talk to your clients make it clear what is "Dynamic" "one time cost" "you in Control" "cost efficient in long run" etc...

    11) If they ask you something and you don't know don't say I don't know, don't look at the floor, walls... don't think too much, look into their face and tell them something that makes sense -- something you're 60% sure --... you always can go back with more information and adjustments.

    12) Once you get the contract let them know once in the while what the hell you are doing.

    13) In your contract don't ask for the full payment at once. 1/3 now... 2/3 then... 3/3 once we finish... Make sure you collect everything from hosting up to the trip to the moon and don't go back saying I forgot about the lunch money. (This gives them confidence, that you not gonna collect the money and give them a "ME & MY DOG AND HIS FOOD" website.

    This works for me however, it doesnt mean it's gonna work for everyone. But most of it is just logic and common sense.

    I don't know where you live and I don't want to know... but look around you and go talk to the businesses in that area.
    In my case it was the longest street in the world and in just 5 blocks there were 65000 businesses. Me and my team went and talk to 700 of them and we got 48 of them from website for $100 up to $12000(and didn't happen overnight)

    Have a nice life and wish you all the best...

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    The Bluegrass State Will Flash For Food
    Just wanted to say that your site looks cool. And I looked at a couple of your flash files and they look okay too. One thing tho;

    looks tacky IMHO...

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    tacky Llmao!lol
    Yes I noticed that a long time ago,How long?Not so long lol!Just need to wait untill I get 100 votes.after all my site is very new.So need to wait a little longer I am glad you liked my work!

    Thank you Jafang,for taking the time to answer my questions!
    It really helped me a lot to read what you wrote!

    If somebody gets interested in forming a team of talented creators just email me to: Tiina.C@-nospam-pp.sonera.net

    Just post back for questions ect!


    Email harvesters crawl this board. if you wish to email miss 70s, take out the -nospam-


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    Seems your mailbox is a little over quota. I tried emailing you and it bounced back.

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    My email is working now, here I am sending my other email if for some reason the first dont work. My email box was too full I just cleaned it now,Please contact me for more information about me ect.


    remove the -nospam- to email - bruce

    yours:tina roxana
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    I amended your email addresses to stop you getting spammed. We have a number of harvesters that crawl this board and bombard you with porn / steroids / penis extensions / mortgage emails.

    its a bit of a nightmare really. If anyone wants to email tina, remove the -nospam- from the addresses.
    Living the dream

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    Thank you RazoRmedia!

    People have replyed me good, so I havent got any spam mails yet lol If somebody still wants to email me for more information you can visit my website or use the e-mails above

    Thank you: Miss.70s

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