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Thread: total development time

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    total development time

    Good day everyone,
    I am wondering the average total amount of time it takes for one Flash developer to create a cool 3d or 2d game, start to finish.

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    hundreds of hours, my platform game im working on i put at least 100 hours and expecting to put ALOT more, a 3d game would take much more than a 2d game

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    I think that's hard to say. what is a cool game for you ? If you mean something like a snake clone or something like that it may just take some hours but better games with grafics need more time. the devoloping time also depends on your programming skill.
    For my first game I took me two or three weeks, because it was new for me. My latest game was developed in 4 days but.... I don't think it is a really cool game

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    In my experience, it's hard to quantify as X hours. I develop front-ends for games for my company. I've been working on a suite of about 25 games for over 2 years now....everyday, every night and every weekend. Building a new game to work with the system takes me a week to 2 weeks, but it really never ends. There's always bug fixes, new features, and improvements. Then there are clients who want custom branding etc. And then of course there's your own experience. I've learned a lot in the last two years and I'm now in the process of re-writing a lot of code to make it more object-oriented and centralized. So there's building it, and then there's maintaining it.

    Best of luck in your project.

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    I have yet to finish a game...
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    It depends on multiple factors.

    A. Already got any experience with making such games?

    B. Simplistic game or not?

    C. Debugging.

    I think a good game usually takes around 1-2 weeks minimal. Maybe to put it in perspective, the first time I made a 3d isometric engine while I started out with no exp on isometric stuff at all, it took me a week to get the basic engine together.

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    3 days from start to finish..if you are Olorin


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    Writing a game is tough to quantify in hours until you have done a number of them to get a feel for what your pace is like.

    I've written a number of single player games over the last couple of years and have found them to be fairly quick to develop. Usually I can knock off a game in under 2 weeks of nights and week-ends.

    But always try to overestimate something you haven't had experience with before. For example. I am currently writing my first multi-player game for a client. At first, it looked pretty simple. So I quoted it as if it would take me two weeks to write. Was I wrong. I'm still working on it and I started it 5 weeks ago.

    So, to get an idea of how long a project will take, think like Scotty from Star Trek and multiply all of your estimates by 3.


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    Anyone can amke a piece of crap game in 3 hrs, but you need to dedicated to work and atleast put 50 hrs into it.

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