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Thread: Using external .txt inside movie clip inside .fla

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    Tweening external .txt inside movie clip inside .fla

    I've seen a hundred and a half posts on similar subjects, but goshdarnit, I just can't make this work. Let me explain the problem, and I've included a link to a Zip file with my .fla file and the away.txt file I'm calling the variables from.

    Basically, I want to create an interactive menu thing, that starts with a row of each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. When one clicks on a letter, the letter is tweened to a larger faded state, and so is the rest of the alphabet, and I want the names of the schools starting with that letter to then fade in. I have a movie clip inside the last frame of the main tween, which should then tween (fade in over 12 frames) the graphic symbol containing my dynamic text box, which is supposed to be linked to the text variables in the external file. The text variable is created on the first frame of the main timeline using Actionscript on the static header layer, and so I should be able to load it inside my movie clip (I think). Everything looks fine to me, but then I've only been using Flash for 2 weeks.

    My Zipped source files can be found at: http://www.tolcs.org/athletics/away.zip

    If anyone would be willing to download my source files and give some wonderful advice, I'd revere and adore them forever.
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