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Thread: Matrix Intro Almost there AAAARGH!!!!!

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    Matrix Intro Almost there AAAARGH!!!!!

    hi all,

    my the matrix reloaded website intro is almost done, i need to know how to make it not loop, make the enter text into a link to the site, make the text unselectable and then it will finally be done.

    Somebody please help me, i have attatched the swf so far


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    no wait i forgot the file

    here is the file
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    On the very last frame of your movie, when it says Enter the Matrix, in the actions pane add at the end, this code:


    That will completely stop your movie where it is, and let the user click and enter the site.

    As for making text unselectable, that's a property that can be changed in the Property Inspector for the text box(es) you've created. It's right next to the View as HTML box.

    Hope this helps.

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    thanx pal i will go do it now, did u see the movie?... any tips on making it better?

    neway i will go do it now like i say



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