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Thread: actionscript is dumb

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    actionscript is dumb

    in the actions panel frame 115 is selected with sum actions but i want to add actions for frame 140 how do i change the frame because where it says actions for frame 115 it is a combo box.... but that is the only option.... confused plz help me

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    can you send me a screenshot? or be more specific?

    i'm not that good in english



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    Try this:

    With your Actions Panel still open looking at the actions for frame 115, move around your Actions Panel so you can fully see the timeline panel, and click on frame 140. This should update the Actions panel to frame 140's actions. That's how I navigate between frames' actions without exiting the actions panel and going back in.

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    i tried that i click frame 140 but on the actions panel it is still on frame 115, :S

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    Is there anything in frame 140? If 115 is the last frame with any content, then it will stay on 115.

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    no frame 140 is the last possible frame with any content on any layers, in fact 3 layers have content on frame 140

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    Can't you just right-click (or shift-click on Mac, I guess) on one of those layers in frame 140 and click Actions?

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    You didn't mention anything about a keyframe....... so,....... do you have a Keyframe in 140?

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    oh wow i love you! THANK YOU i didnt realise u needed a keyframe i forgot

    THANK YOU thats a great help!


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