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Thread: better a lie which draws a smile, than a truth that brings a tear.

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    better a lie which draws a smile, than a truth that brings a tear.

    yes, im SURE you wouldve realised that i cant afford to pay $500 for some help in flash. But i give you my GREATEST gratitude for helping a 16 year old boy, with a passion for programming which has just begun using flash. the people in this forum are different to other forums. You all seem as thought you are my mates. And you helped me as though i was your mate. i thank you for this!!!...

    i probably sound like some really emotional woman whos having a mid-life crisis, but i just wanna say thanx... EVEN if you thought i WAS going to pay!!!!

    as for the small lie/truth quote... i little lie ($500 to the person that solves this) ended up giving me a smile, and one to other people who have solved their problem by reading this post. And if i said the truth, i probably would've ended up like those other people in forums who never get their question answered and could even bring them a tear!

    talk again soon, MY FRIENDS!!!

    Aleks... rofl!

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    better a lie which draws a smile, than a truth that brings a tear.
    EvEn after the emotional trauma of your parents lying about santa and the tooth fairy, you still believe that?!

    Maybe you wouldn't have grown up into such a little liar if they hadn't told you that stuff!!

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    Though... a_witko is a handle I will remember!

    Are you sure I won't lie to you, if I do answer your future threads?

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    Anyone who's spent any time on FK knows that almost everyone here is very generous and willing to freely give their time and knowlege.

    It's offensive that someone would abuse this community with crap like what was done here.

    Your attitude is an insult to those who offered you their help and to anyone else who has ever freely helped anyone on this forum.

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