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Thread: <a href> troubles :(

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    <a href> troubles :(

    check out www.bravetheday.com and go to the shows section. There is dynamicly loaded html text with links inside but when you click the link it opens a new window with http://www.bravetheday.com/www.thecnote.com when i just want it to go to www.thecnote.com. Im not understanding whats wrong with it.

    here is what I have in the text file for the first show...
    var1=< FONT COLOR='#FF9900'>< B>SAT. MARCH 29 2003< /B>< /FONT>
    < BR>The C-Note w/ The Unpronouncables, Heather Larkin, 9th Wave, and Jana Peri band.
    < BR>< BR>bravetheday starts @11PM.  $5 cover.
    < BR>< BR>Visit < B>< a href="www.thecnote.com" target="_blank">thecnote.com< /A>< /B> for directions and more info on New York's best sounding small room< BR>< BR>
    Could really use some insite on whats wrong here.

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    Seems you even have problems displaying your code here on the board!

    Insert a space after each "<" in the code your trying to post. Then it will display rather than interpreting the code.

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    thanks Oldnewbie... i was just about to ask how to shut off html tags.

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