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Thread: MX components

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    MX components

    Ive producted an application form using components from the flash MX panel which has a simple percentage preloader at the beginning and is around 150kb, but when I test movie with the bandwidth profiler on, It shows that it takes around 35k before the preloader even kicks in, now if I remove all flash components from my library and retest the preloader kicks in straight away.
    anyone now why is this?

    Thanks in advance.......


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    because components and their related info load in in the first frame...before they are beeing used, no idea of how to solve that though....

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    Right, components are exported in the first frame along with fonts and anything else specified in the library...

    Either make the preloader a seperate movieclip or disable export in first frame (right-click the component in the library and go to linkage). Note that your component must be fully loaded before it is accessable on the stage and/or through actionscript.

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