First of all, I am quite new to Flash MX so bear with me

I have a movieclip stage that is basically consisting of a menu (5 buttons) on the left and a main textframe (dynamic) on the right. There is also a layer containing a border that equals the size of the stage.

Clicking on a menu button will take the user to a specific frame on the main timeline where the appropriate contents will be shown in the main textframe. So far so good. You press "button1" and "text1" is shown, same goes with the other buttons. There is a stop action in the border layer on the specific frame to prevent the movie from continue playing.

Now, while displaying "text1", if you press the "button1" again it will switch to "text2". "Text2" should be accessed by pressing "button2", not "button1" twice. Why is this? How can I prevent this from happening? Pressing "button1" a third time will switch back to "text1".

I tried to put all buttons and texts on different layers and even with blank keyframes between keyframes on the timeline, but that didn't help.