Hey all.. ok.. I'm gonna lay this out and see what advice I get.

My wife and I are working on creating this company. Basically we want to sell little dog clothing, collars, carring cases, water bowls and accessories. I'm building the site now http://www.glamourdog.com

anyway.. My wife is in contact with several suppliers. She has also spoken to one vendor who manufactures and sells her own dog collars... really fancy ones.. she has a Yahoo store. she's getting out of the business.. she's been in it for 4 years.

According to the owner.. she has an established loyal client base of venders and retail customers world wide, and she sells approximately $X a month in sales.

The owner and her partner are wanting to get out of the business because they have full time design jobs now, and they want to sell their company. They are selling it for a decent amount of money..$X x 4

My wife and I are considering this company.

I don't know anything about buying a company.. I want to ask a ton of questions.. but I don't know what questions I need to ask..

Do I need a laywer? I'm assuming so so before I invest in a lawyer I want to find out if it's not worth going further. are there some tough questions I need to ask?

tax returns? vendor, references? I have no idea?

I kinda think it's a good oppertunity .. right place at the right time.. but by the same token .. if we just do our site. on our own.. we have no risk.. no real out of pocket expense to start off.. if we invest in thix company we are already several thousand in the hole from the beginning.

anyone have any experience in this?

thanks alot