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Thread: Scale Box while maitaining line width

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    Scale Box while maitaining line width

    First off I am embarassed. I have forgotten how to scale a box to a larger size while maintaining the same line width on the border as when the object is small... please help.

    Thanks in advance.

    [swf width="300" height="40" background="#000000"]http://www.geocities.com/trypleight/footer.swf[/swf]

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    Hi Tryple8,

    If you are talking about resizing it while in Edit mode -- then open the Transform panel - and make sure to select "Reshape" instead of "Scale" (at the very bottom)

    If you are talking about maintaining line width while using a MOVE effect or something - then the only way to do that is to set your line width to Zero "0" ... any other line width will be scaled

    A Zero line width is the same as a line width of "1" - but, it doesn't get scaled

    Hope it helps,

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