I get it all the time from potential clients. Well, so and so can get it done for half of what you want to charge. My answer is simple. Go get it done over there then. If the client wants a Yugo there is nothing I can do. If the client wants a Mercedes....yeah I can help. However, you can't get cocky until you have a strong portfolio, until your work speaks for itself. Then and only then can you set your price and stick to it.

In the beginning, freelancers will have to make what they can until they build their client list. Many times this means you have to work 80 or more hours a week just to pay the rent (usually late I might add). There is a lot of competition but you have to put yourself through freelance design school, it is a combination of good business sense and good creativity. Prove to yourself and your potential clients that....Yes you can do it better than anyone else. Like any small business, many of them will go belly up in the first two years. If you can make a living solely designing as a freelancer for 2 years, chances are that you will make it in general.