It feels so weird transformaing from a flash developer to hiring a developer or studio to do a specific project for my orginzation (USAID/OFDA).

What studios are the best of the best now? I know 2AD is still on top, but who else. I have been put in charge to find a individual or studio that can create a eLearning module for us. This module requires the following:

• modules are to be created in Flash MX and exported as Flash 5 or Flash 6 pending on requirements of ActionScript.
• Concept of project is to create a single main flash files that will call a “plug-in”
• These “plug-ins” will be created in XML, HTML, or some other easy-to-edit structured file that Flash MX can then import.
• The structure of the file will call:
o Section A – Z (sections could vary in size, numbers)
 Content A, B, C, etc. (content could vary in size, numbers)
o Testing
• Testing on one module will consist of a word-like document that they have to “fill in” correctly. This part must be graded.
• Flash module final product will be wrapped as a stand alone flash executable and will be located in our extranet (eRooms).
• Final flash product should be made in such a way that any web developer with Flash MX can create a “plug-in” using XML, HTML or any other agreed upon technology and infuse new content and produce a whole new eLearning module executable.

Wow that is a mouthfull. So does anyone know of top-notch developers or studios that could live up to the task?