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Thread: history limits?

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    history limits?

    Is there any way to extend the number of things that the history remembers in Photoshop 7 ??? this would be a great help expecially due to the fact that you can do non-linear changes with the history panel. Thanks.
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    dunnow if you can extend but you can make 'snapshots' along the way.
    goto 'history palette > options > create new snapshot'

    Create one after every major change or undoable action. You can return to a snapshot at every given point by clicking on it's icon in the history palette.

    Same as it's history 'the file' loses snapshots after saving it.

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    or to add to what sense says u can simply save as (version 2) then save as (version 3) if it does all go wrong on version 4 just open version 2 and take the undamaged elements out of that and off u go again..

    at a guess the history will eat ram (memory) the more it remembers the slower it will perform

    hope this helps

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