Greetings. We are preparing to launch a network portal to showcase Flash Infotainment of various types. We are categorizing under the channels: Humor, Raw Humor, Games, Music Video, Docutainment, Training, Virtual Travel and ??? we are making this up as we go,...Ideas?

We are also seeking commercial interstitials and sponsors for these channels.

Developers will be paid for the work that shows and draws traffic.


< WE ARE SEEKING DEVELOPERS, PRODUCERS, SALES AND SUPPORT STAFF > Please consider forwarding your thoughts and links to any .swf's you have created and have the rights to. Please include your name and contact information, if selected we will send you a license and royalty agreement.

Happy creating!

Best Regards,
ďHodgie & The GangĒ
Global Broadcasting Company, Channel 1
The Rich-Media Internet Infotainment Network
Post Office Box 13326 Sacramento, CA 95815

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