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Thread: linking swf's

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    linking swf's

    Is there some way, maybe in powerpoint, to have a group of maybe 4-6 swf's who's order could be interchanged depending on your audience? Is there any way else to put swf's together so they can be customized? I know the swf's themselves cannot be customized, but is there a platform they can be inserted into so that the presentation itself can be? any help would be appreciated.


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    You can load and unload individual SWFs into a parent Flash movie and/or container movie clip.
    That way you can control any and all of them in the order that you wish.
    You could also save the whole thing as a stand alone projector and run it like a "slide show".

    Look into:
    loadMovie and unloadMovie
    Publish settings
    Stand alone projectors
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    i'm having a similar problem - my swfs are stored externally to the main movieclip. how do i flag that one of the swfs has stopped playing and that the next should load?

    appreciate any help you could give

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