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Thread: Looking to hire very small time freelance artist

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    Looking to hire very small time freelance artist

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to hire someone to do some graphics for some of my websites. This is very small time stuff, but if youre interested in getting little bits of cash here and there for websites, read on.
    The way I have done this in the past goes as follows- I design the website. Lay it out, do all of the coding, prepare all of the content. I then would pass over the .fla to you, while it still looks pretty bare bones (probably no graphics other than flash vector art on it). We then discuss the visual goal of the site, figure out where we would like it to go (as a group process). After that, you work your magic, take your time, and see what you can do. Really its as simple as taking a design and fleshing it out- making it come to life with graphics. Payment will depend on the amount of work of each site, but generally it wont be less than $50, and not more than $100. Though this may seem small, however these websites are generally band websites, and other small time sites. The enticing thing for you is that once a month or so (well, every time I have a new layout ready) you can spend one afternoon putting some graphics together and get paid $75 for a couple hours of work. None of the work I request should take more than a day or two to complete.
    Besides skill, I'm looking for someone who has good communication skills and who is enthusiastic about creating.
    You can post replies back here, or also contact me through my AIM which is Ange52. All questions and comments are welcome. I'm hoping to hear that some of you may be interested.
    Thank you for your time.
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