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Thread: One hour worth of Design

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    One hour worth of Design

    Hay all,

    I couldn't sleep so I turn on the computer and started to goof around with swift 3d a bit, and after an hour or so this is what I came up with.


    just curious how you guys would rate the quality of work vs the time that went into making it.
    (my goal was to create a semi realistic light bulb)

    I know there is a lot I could have done to make it better but its 3:40am here, I am tired and am going to sleep after I post this

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    For swift, that is VERY good. One suggestion is that the image is too busy. Too many reflections and refractions causes confusion in the image.

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    just woke back up and looked at it, its weird it doesn't look how i remembered lol, yes i agree to busy, maybe i should only have shadows set on one lightsorce instead of them all

    anyone other comments are appreciated

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    Illuminous glow

    Wow, some great work. Im farly new to Swift 3D (ive only had for 1wk) How did you get the "fillament" to shine like that?

    Is it a reflectiv material?

    Mr. T

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    I like the effect of the reflections/shadows, for a logo it may be too busy, but for other purpose.
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    Thank you very much for you comments

    The light source is actually inside the light bulb. (The inside of the bulb is hollow)

    I used a transparent material for the bulb, so any color that the bulb is it will reflect back on the whole image.

    for a idea of what I decided to go with check out these two links that have the design incorporated in them



    the web page is still in concept but i think the logo looks nice, it may need to be lighted up a little but the darkness really brings out the lighting effects

    for another quick look at a simple design in swift check this out

    simple army dog tags modeled and rendered in swift 3d v.3 with the flags and text added in photoshop

    these took about 20 minutes for both

    any new comments on these are welcome.

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    nice work there, especially in the last one of the lightbulb.
    the others indeed had to much reflections imho
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