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Thread: Browser manipulation

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    I need to know how, with my .swf embedded in an HTML file, I can make the .swf fill the entire window. Unfortunately I can't link directly to the .swf because of some java I have to run on the index page with the .swf on it.
    Any help would be awesome.

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    do you want to manipulate the browser so that is a certain size, or just the flash within it?
    If the browser, try:

    if the .swf, put it's dimensions (width and height) at 100%
    - rather than pixel values - in both the object and embed tags.

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    Also, set your HTML page margins to zero:

    <body leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0">

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    Thanks, you guys are rad...
    How about a companion Question?
    I've got some Java popups, that I'm linking from my .swf back to the index,for some imagery and I need to know how I can set them to popup with no borders as well. basically so the imagery fills the entire popup window...
    Not super important but you guys seem to know this stuff..
    Thanks again...

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