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Thread: KoolMoves or Swish

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    Did you notice the 3DFA HELP forum has deleted your post as well?

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    Did you notice the 3DFA HELP forum has deleted your post as well?
    Yes, just noticed that myself ... I'm too tired now to come up with a witty response.
    I'll ask Rob and Damien why they deleted it tomorrow (after midnight here)

    Cheers, David.

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    Originally posted by David Michie
    Is the Pope Catholic?
    Is Bob Hartzell a KoolMoves fan?

    Regardless of whether you love or hate SWiSH I'd still like you to try SWiSH 3.0. In fact, SWiSH-haters are probably a better test ... we get better feedback that way!

    Cheers, David.
    BOB is a Macromedia fan,but KoolMoves is his baby
    I'm allready "overloaded" with DirectorMX,3DSMax and Maya.
    Anyhow,thanks for the "offer".

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    Feature-by-feature comparison is useless and serves no purpose.

    All applications metioned in this thread have their advantages and disadvantages. I would not say that one is better than the next -- only different in the audiance that they cater for.

    Try them all, and use the one/s that fits the goals for the project you are doing at the time --- that way you can't loose...



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    I wouldn't say feature by feature comparisons are useless nor would I say they serve no purpose. They are often employed in marketing and users want to know what the different features are with each tool in order to make an intelligent decesion about what they are about to purchase. Certainly if you plan to do some work that involves complex interaction you want scripting just as if you plan on doing Flash forms you need a tool that has dynamic text and probably want xml support.

    Although I do agree that they are not the end all be all. The 5 tools I included in my comparision all have very differnt UI's and workflows. I belive I even mentioned that. I also believe I mentioned that SWiSH is about to include a lot of new features, including scripting, in its next version.

    Downloading and trying each one first is a great idea, assuming you are allowed to do that.

    Koolmoves was developed origanally to be a replacement for aging software employed in teaching animation techniques in a classroom setting. It has been used to this purpose by several people with great sucess and has been adopted for other purposes by others. This is why shape morphing, bones, perspective tools, the modular nature for sound and raster tools, and image sequence export tools (This is important becuase the images can be imported easier into several off the shelf video tools for further edits) are important. Likewise the expanded feature set, such as scripting, dynamic text, ect all make it even more desirable becuase not only can it be used to teach animation techniques but also can be used to teach scripting, general SWF web design, web page/ asp or php techniques, xml , ect which also makes it very atractive as an entry level/general use tool. Many educators are not at liberty to install software on their own machines at work, as schools and institutions often have policies against such. The feature comparison then becomes important as the person evaluating can look and see what can be done in tool x, in tool y, and in tool z without installing the product. It also provides a reference point to others looking atv what tools they might want to purchase.

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    Feature to feature comparisons are very helpful. It helps to eliminate trying a program that won't fit your needs. But in the end, it does come down to how the software fits into my workstyle I guess. So in this case I guess I'll just have to try both. And may be even buy both.

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