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Thread: what do you mean I'm dead!?

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    supervillain gerbick's Avatar
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    what do you mean I'm dead!?

    CNN had made up some mock pages for people like Dick Cheney - ok, this one I can sorta believe - Ronald Reagan, and some others... and they got caught.

    go here to get a glimpse of the too early obituraries... guess you can call it hopeful thinking?

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    more cowbell DigitalOne's Avatar
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    Hahah, I love TSG... makes me feel better about myself.

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    Griffhiggins 2.2 clifgriffin's Avatar
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    Actually, I guess all major news outlets do obituaries of famous people ahead of time.

    But letting them get on a public server is unacceptable.

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    man, that would be a kick in the pants to see your own obit!

    The bbc had a test run of their queen mother obituary one day (before she died) and someone saw it on an internal monitor, within hours it had spread across the world, running on australian tv among others!

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    I smell a conspiracy - the truth is that all of those listed are actually part of a secret legion of the undead! And since revealing such information would be a threat to national security, they had to remove the obits.

    That, or they've all been replaced by animatronic figures, courtesy of Disney Imagineering. Though we all know Dick Cheney has died and been revived a ton of times already - I think he has a little heart attach every time he even smells a hoagie.

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