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Thread: How Do I send a silent e-mail

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    How Do I send a silent e-mail

    Is it posible to send a silent e-mail in flash mx, actionscript. I want to send it without notifing the user, and it also must contain variables. Is this posible?

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    The only way to do it "silently" is to have an executable on your server capable of sending mail.. If you are running on a unix or linux box you probably can use SENDMAIL. If you are on a Windows 2000 box, I have an executable that I use to send mail.. The only problem with my EXE (I wrote it in Delphi) is that I use my own SMTP server to send mail.. So you need to have access to a SMTP server you can use.

    As far as sending variables in the e-mail, since its e-mail, you can put whatever info in it you want..

    If you are looking to send the e-mail to a program to do something with the variables, then you should just use a CGI executable and pass the variables directly to that executable and do the process and not bother with e-mail..

    I run a web design company and we create custom apps and have some ready made apps that might do what you want.. so reply here or send me an e-mail at rwmorey71@hotmail.com and we can talk further.


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