Ok, I searched for past threads on this.. but was not sucessful. At any rate, I am hung up on making a decision on this and was just wondering how everyone else deals with this issue.

When we develop Flash interactive CD's, our clients get the finished product - no code. All of my clients (except for ONE) are ok with the way things are. In all honesty, the subject has never come up with them, because they don't care, really.

Now about that ONE client... they want custom Flash/Actionscript, and also want the code. YIKES!

The way I see it is.... it is like we are chefs. We make a great cheesecake and someone comes in and orders it. They ask for the recipe...

We say, "I'm sorry, but this is property of our restaraunt."
They say, "But I paid you to make it for me. Plus, its not like you can't find a cheesecake recipe on the internet!"
We say, "You paid me for my chef skills and time to make this cheesecake. And sure, you can find recipes for all sorts of cheesecakes on the internet, but this one is an original."
"Ok, fine," They say. "How much would it cost to buy the recipe?"

H E L P!
Any direction, stories, experience, etc would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks to you all!