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Thread: 3D Newbie : how to creat rectangular object is Swift ?

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    Hi there,

    I'm a complete newbie to 3D, but it seems that Swift is just great.

    But, I only see in the menu buttons to create rounded objects (cones,...)

    How do I create a cube, or a polygon, or more complex models ?!! I want straight objects, not rounded...

    Thanx a lot


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    One way would be to import a rectangle drawn in illustrator and extrude it (depth). Another way would be to create the 3D rectangle in a program that exports as a .3ds and import it into Swift. I hope they put a cube primative in the next release.


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    I don't have Illustrator. I use Coreldraw when it comes to vectors.

    Which file types can you import into Swift? does it take .AI files ? Or can you simply copy-paste vectors into Swift?

    Thanx again


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    Any program that will export as a .eps will work!
    Swift will import .ai .eps and .3ds
    I dont think you can cut and paste into swift, at least not yet.

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    Wow, that's some great news!

    BTW: don't know if you have any experience with CorelDRAW, but the prog got a *real* 3D function (not that stupid perspective 3D as in FReehand ;-)

    Not gonna ask you if Swift would thake that. I' m gonna test that myself, and I'll post my experience asap.

    Thanx Eric


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    Another option for creating simple models within Swift 3D is to insert a Text object. Then scroll through the font types until you hit the winding and webding fonts. Use the character map button to display the different dings available. There are plenty of squares and such, but all of these characters can be used. Some of them make pretty cool models

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    Thanks for the tip DK. That will come in handy in the future.

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    Hi DK,

    yes indeed, I also already went to dingbat fonts to get some nice shapes. Works well, indeed. With cool FX over it...

    But how do you create complex models in Swift? Like a 3D 5 pointed star (with its 5 points in 3 directions).

    Don't know if I'm clear, and 3D is a whole new world coming to me ;-) Should I combine multiple objects in one Swif project to creat then 1 such complex object?...


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    Usually, complex models are created within other 3D modeling programs and then imported into Swift 3D. However, if you can find all of the objects you need to create the final result you are looking for, you can arrange them in the viewport and then group them together under the "Arrange" portion of the header menu. Swift does support intersecting objects, so it's very possible that you can do something like this within the program. By the way, you can select individual components of a text string by pressing your ctrl key and selecting the individual letter or object. I hope this answers your question.

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    Hi DK,

    well it seems that either I'm gonna have to teach myself a 3D program or do you know any resources where you can get 3D models, or some kind of easy to learn 3D modelling software? Don't feel like diving into 3D Max or so. I prefer to get deeper into my actionscript experiments (which go well ;-)

    Thanx for your reply (and my experience teached me to always test Shift and Ctrl combinations ;-)



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    Try going to http://www.3dcafe.com. They have a pretty good selection of downloadable .3ds models. I tried doing what I think you were trying to do...pretty difficult to get something that looks decent.

    Unfortunately, I have not spent much time using 3D modeling programs, so I am not a good source for recommendations. Keep in mind that whatever 3D modeler you use, it must export to .3ds to import into the current version of Swift 3D. Good Luck

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