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Thread: [Resolved] Long movies - I need overall help

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    Long movies - I need overall help

    Okay, I guess I would qualify myself as a beginner. But I want to make a long movie (a demo to explain some software) and I dont want to make just one long piece. I suspect there would be loading issues - and a long wait.

    So how would one tackle something like this? Do you make "pieces" of the movie and then somehow link them all together? How do you know when you need a preloader for the sections (should it be based on the KB size of each section?)

    I have been searching online (and in my books) to find some sort of help - but maybe my question is just too broad. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!


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    U can load ("loadMovie" command) a movie INTO an existing movie, thus u can chop up your huge movie into smaller pieces. by the way, flash do not work well with long movies (like 2-3000 frames or more) it seems to get "lost". thus this is a good and easy solution.

    OR u could have one big movie with different scenes within, and jump between them, but scenes are buggy, at least if u got many of em and they are long.

    just search the forum 4 "loadMovie" or press F1 in flash to get the help files.

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