I just finished off the final pieces of server code to my new online game service.

This service is a series of Flash games that are funded through a 10 second advertisement at the beginning of the game. These games are freely available to add to your site.

Unlike other online game sites providing free games, www.borngamer.com is also going to pay affiliates a portion of the ad revenues from the games. Basically, a site will make $0.30/US for every 1000 plays of the games.

I'm currently looking for sites who want to offer free games to their visitors and who also want to earn some cash. Registration is completely free and we are always working on new games to add to and improve our product offerings.

If you are interested, please visit www.borngamer.com and sign up for an affiliate account. Once you receive your confirmation email, you will be able to login and start earning right away.