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Thread: Free Game Content for Your Site

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    Free Game Content for Your Site

    I just finished off the final pieces of server code to my new online game service.

    This service is a series of Flash games that are funded through a 10 second advertisement at the beginning of the game. These games are freely available to add to your site.

    Unlike other online game sites providing free games, www.borngamer.com is also going to pay affiliates a portion of the ad revenues from the games. Basically, a site will make $0.30/US for every 1000 plays of the games.

    I'm currently looking for sites who want to offer free games to their visitors and who also want to earn some cash. Registration is completely free and we are always working on new games to add to and improve our product offerings.

    If you are interested, please visit www.borngamer.com and sign up for an affiliate account. Once you receive your confirmation email, you will be able to login and start earning right away.



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    Lets say I have a site. www.xmcnuggetx.com
    I put one of your games on there.
    Then I get paid when people play it on my site?
    No need for them to click your link at all?


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    That's right. So long as the ad is shown to a real player (and not through some autosurf program or other cheating method) you will earn cash.

    Because of the size of my ads (500x300 pixels), the CTR's are already pretty good. I just need more sites to post my games so I can get a larger distribution.



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    Is it just me being stupid or do you only have two games? And one of those is about halloween themed? Do you have some more in the pipeline, i just cant help but feel you need some really nice games if this idea is gonna work... Possibly adventure games with a save feature so that players keep coming back?

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    Yes, at the moment I do only have two games in the arcade. A third title is in the works and should hopefully be ready with 3-4 weeks if everything goes as planned.

    My hopes are to release at least 4-8 new games a year. And I do agree that the more games I have, the bigger a sucess this will be. For now, my games are extra content that can be easily added to an existing arcade someone might have on their site.


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    Jus' wondering... what your advantage... I dont think many people will click on the link when they want to play a game...

    And does it matter on what kind of server the game comes... (I currently have a free ftp server of a friend of me wich is not very fast)

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    My advantage is advertising sales. I sell the ads in my games for $0.80/1000 ads. Out of that, I'm offering up $0.30/1000 games played to affiliates who want to put my games on their site. Another $0.05/1000 games goes into a lottery pot that is randomly awarded to one affiliate per month. I then pay $0.08/1000 ads sold to my marketing contact who tries to promote my games and ad sales.

    Finally, the remaining $0.37/1000 goes into hosting costs and my profits.

    This isn't my full time job, and I'm just trying to bring in a few hundred $ extra a month, so I'm not trying to gouge my advertisers, and I'm trying to be as generous as possible to affiliates in an attempt to make this work out for everyone.

    As far as the advertisers go, my initial numbers show my CTR to be much higher than standard banner ads, so my existing advertisers are happy with the rates. I just need to sign up more affiliates to get a larger distribution of players.

    I hope that clears things up for you. As I add more games, this will become more of a sucess for everyone involved.



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    hi Borngamer,
    i am looking for a game to disrabute with a year disk i am making for school i would be intrested in using your duck shooting game if i could possible change the ducks to a random images. i would displa you link and give you full credit for the game and advertising if i could use it. I will hve to chck with other members of the committe but i can't see a problem. i would not be looking for anymoney like you affillate programme i will ive the advertising for very!

    look forward tohearing from you!

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    Thanks for the offer but I'm afraid I'll have to decline. Duck Shoot took a bit of time to develop and I can't afford to release a copy without my ad serving code.

    If your year disk is going to be something people want to use while online, you are of course free to sign up as an affiliate and have a link to the game on your CD. You would also have the benefit of earning cash for whatever purpose you want.



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