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Thread: JPEG sequence dont show mask :(

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    JPEG sequence dont show mask :(

    First of all, im not anglophone so there s gonna be a lot of spelling mistake...

    Here is my question....
    I did a annimation with a mask that do wave effect....
    When i export the movie in .swf, the mask show and my animation show perfectly.. My problem is when i do a jpeg sequence or an avi , the mask i did dont show..... I need do to a jpeg sequence to export it after in 3ds to do an ifl file..... Is there a way i could see my mask animation in a jpeg sequence.... Thx for youre help... An 3ds animator trying to do a cool effect, but not able to do it..

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    I dont know if theres an easier way, but if u export it as .avi or QT (.mov) the mask should work (well at least for me it does) i beleive from your post that a video file will also be helpfull for you, so if you r having a problem with avi try quicktime, if not let me know what happened.

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    Just a thought...

    Did you build your mask in a movie clip? Probably so.

    Have you tried what would happen with a mask on the maintimeline.
    I never tried just a thought - or - in the properties box set the behavior of your movie clip to a graphic and give it enough frames on the timeline to animate as you need.

    Those are the first two things I would try.

    Good Luck

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    Yep, i did it in a movie clip... I'm gonna try into my main timeline to see what it does, thx for the help... I'm telling you later if it work

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