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Thread: XML and loadMovie problem

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    XML and loadMovie problem

    I have an HMTL page with two flash items.

    Item 1 calls an ASP page that creates an XML connection in order to display the XML information in the Flash movie. By itself, this works fine.

    Item 2 is a simple 2 frame movie that randomly calls images for a photo tour using the loadMovie command. By itself, this also works fine.

    My problem is when I run the two Flash objects at the same time, the loadMovie function in item 2 does not work (the images do not show up).

    I think the problem is that the ASP leaves the Microsoft XML object (XMLHTTP) open in order for the feed to stay "live". If I add a line to close the XML object (xml.Close) to the bottom of the code below, the loadMovie function in item 2 works fine (images are displayed). The problem is I don't want to close the XML connection.

    Does anyone know why this happens - how it can be solved?

    Much appreciation,

    Here is the ASP code:
    @ Language="VBScript"
    option explicit

    Dim srcFile
    srcFile = "http://www.ejse.com/WeatherService/Service.asmx/GetWeatherInfo?zipCode=77077"

    Response.Buffer = True
    Dim objXMLHTTP, xml

    Set xml = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
    xml.Open "GET", srcFile, False

    Response.Write xml.responseText
    Set xml = Nothing
    xml.close //Adding this line makes the loadMovie function work in my other movie
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    I can't help with the ASP... sorry.
    Richard Lyman
    rich at lithinos.com

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    You set the XML object to nothing but you don't want to close the object?

    Once you have received the XML file why do you want to avoid closing the XML object?

    Also once the page has been sent to the flash client the XML object is collected by the web server anyway.


    Flash-XML FAQ

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