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How did I come here? I was here when it was just a start up, Flashzone and FlashPad were all the rage and full of flamewars. I remember the days when FK only had a few sound loops and a few files given to Mark from FlashWave.co.uk and FlashPlanet.com. I came here to help develop and create a community that was more than just a place to learn flash. A place that everyone would feel comfortable in.

Its nice to know that the community portion of the site in which I was a part of the founding membership is still growning and thriving. I see a bit more flaming than I care for and the "G" rating that I helped establish is not exactly followed any longer. IF the "G" rating were brought back into enforcement I think we would see more Women and older more experienced artists and developers come back to the community.

Everything has a life cycle, If there is a next wave of money into our industry a new startup could catch the essance and spirit that started FK and that special time of innovation and colaboration that FK was known for will once again be.

But the ideals and standards that FK started out to be and set are still its living soul. As long as people communicate and share their craft on a personal level then FlashKit will live on.

Regards, Bill
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Hello Pope, see ur still a G rated board nazi lol