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Thread: Cmon, I know you need a Flash Guru!

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    Cmon, I know you need a Flash Guru!

    Had some trouble finding work lately guys...And true, I know this is a flash forum, and a lot of people here are looking for work as well, but I also know that some of the guys on the board dont really excell in flash, but at times that skill is needed. So I thought I'd post in the boardroom, and maybe someone will pick me up. I can produce anything and everything with flash, and can come handy in any of your projects. My prices are really low, and I work fast without lowering the quality of the content. So anytime your client wants, say, a flash header, you can just call me up, and I'll make a custom one for you in about a day or two. You will still get the money for the client, but you will save your time, and money by not hiring a company, and just getting the product from myself. I specialize in...

    I included a sample with each skill so you can see my work/what I'm capable of

    Flash/Vector Graphics/Animation
    for vector sample, see the game below

    Flash AS/Gaming

    3D graphics

    Flash Headers/Templates

    I also write music
    I can include a sample by request

    A little logo I did for a game...move your mouse over it

    Im not asking where I can get a job, I already have some places, but unfortunatelly, I've gone there with no luck. Just posting that anytime you are in need of my skills, and not ready to dish out a large sum of cash, you can always come to me and I will make you the product cheap and fast. Sorry for the spam guys, not meaning to, I love the boards...Just offering my services for any of your projects in hope for a temporary source of money.

    If interested,
    my full list of skills is listed on my corp. website at www.twigdivision.net

    and I will always be glad to hear a word from you at
    or my PM box

    Thanks again.

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    One more thing guys, if anyone is a good manager as far as finding clients goes, I will gladly work with you, and we will split the money respectively.


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