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Thread: opening a new door..

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    opening a new door..

    now.. i've only ever used flash mx for animations and presentations.

    now i'd like to learn how to program in flash. i've only ever used buttons once... and that was to exit using fscommand (which i didn't really understand anyway) and to "go to" different frames.

    I was wondering if someone could give me a basic overview of what flash programming is like, where to begin and maybe even some basic commands. i am quite familiar with visual basic, and fully understand the concept there, but never tried programming in flash.

    is it similar to visual basic?

    thank-you in advance.

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    Flash ActionScript is loosely based on JavaScript...

    My advice to you is to get a book...or take some tutorials on the web...it's really impossible for us to "explain" Flash programming...

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    Flash Action script is based completely on Java Script. CORE Java Script as they say. That's why they've omitted some of the features we used to like...
    You may download tutorials on Java Script, and you may also do the tutorials that ship with Flash.
    Macromedia are very good at providing lessons and tutorials on their programs.
    Flash is very much the same as Visual Basic, because you have the opportunity of hiding code all over the place. OR you can create real good programs based on good programming conventions.

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