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Thread: Can you put flash within an email?

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    Can you put flash within an email?

    Hi guys...

    I want to put flash within an email...what do I need to worry about when doing this.

    I will actually put html within the email that will link to a flash document on my server. Will most people be able to see this within their email program?

    any insight would be helpful.
    i think i can, i think i can

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    I've spent many hours trying and testing this. The last time I checked, only Outlook Express would actually pass an embedded swf, and only to an address of a user that also uses outlook. I do know that AOL and Yahoo mail strip it out, along with some virus software, depending on the users settings.

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    Try this:

    Here's a couple of tutorials on our site.


    In most cases to do it correctly for Client-Email Marketing purposes.

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