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Thread: Attachmovie to timeline from library

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    Attachmovie to timeline from library

    ok... what i have is a button which i want to attach a movie to a blank MC in my main timeline, the movie i am attaching is in the library. I exported it for AS and everything, then i wrote this actionscript:
    on (press) {_root.thing.attachMovie("Float", "float1", 1);

    I also tried:
    on (press) {thing.attachMovie("Float", "float1", 1);

    And lastly, i tried each one with on (release) just in case.

    Can someone help me out here, thing is the blank MC in the timeline, and Float is the MC i am attaching to thing from the library

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    The clip may not be available at the time you are calling it....I don't know what frame you are calling the attachMovie function from, but if it's frame #1 then you will also need to tell the clip to be available in frame #1 (using the linkage property items, IE export to frame #1).

    Maybe that will help,

    - Jeff
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