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Thread: Advice Needed!!!!!

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    Advice Needed!!!!!

    I am working with a programmer that "HATES" flash. He wants to do anything he can to make sure we don't do sites in this program because he doesn't understand it. His main arguement is that search engines won't sniff it out and everything should be in HTML. Well I can design in flash but I know very little about writting code and getting web worms to find things aside from basic META Tags etc....

    Does anyone know how to get search engines to find flash files cost effectively aside from designing a pure HTML site to sit with the flash site on the same server?

    Thanks for your help.

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    why not embed the flash file in the same html file, and use the meta tags.

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    actually, google doesn't use meta tags, it uses a system based on the number of links pointing to that site. So, any links inside the flash document will be ignored because google won't see it, but that only affects the rank of the sites that you point to. Your rank depends on how many sites point to you.

    So, in the end, to get a high rank on google having a flash only site doesn't matter that much, you just don't want all the sites that link to you to be flash only.


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    That's an ongoing controversy!

    I've seen so many threads on this problem here and on so many other forums... This is the latest:


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    enter pages for flash

    I always make a simple enter page in HTML with a nice paragraph with rich keyword text that is asame as title, keywords and desription.

    then save this as your index page ... make a nice enter button etc and submit this to search engines and also try and get links to other pages etc.

    I have done this for a lot of clients and managed to get listed

    you could always make another page like links.html and link this to and from you index page and submit aswell... it is not a doorwaypage if looks and acts as its do something ..it has some functionality

    also enter pages are better in case they dont have flash, you can have a link to download it etc

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