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Thread: [RESOLVED] loding swf into a main flash movie

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    resolved [RESOLVED] loding swf into a main flash movie

    Hi to all

    what is the best way to load swf's to a main flash movie.
    were to save the swf's, and which script to give to the main movie .


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    Put all the .swfs files that u are going to load in the same directory as your main movie and the script is:
    Load Movie ("yourmovie.swf", 1)

    To then unload that movie Put:
    Unload Movie (1)

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    there are several ways to load a swf. If you are producing a new site and have the same stage size then using levels will be a better fit. You can just place the object where you want it on the stage and it will line up. If you want to use an exsisting swf and its is larger or smaller you can load it into an empty movie clip where you can have more contol over position placement. To load a movie into a movie clip just use the "target" button and name the instace name of the empty movie clip that you placed on the stage. Now you can set the x and y positon as well as scale the movie clip. Regards, Bill

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